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2014-02-11 20:26:18 by PizzaGod

I might as well anyways.

I should do this, Too much stress.


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2014-02-11 20:35:51

>:| Will you ever stop complaining about your life, or will you try to LIFT it up? If you wait to someone fix your life, you won't get any result, because if the life is yours, it's your care that it needs.
I know I should just be quiet because our little discussion, but I can't just be here, read this and don't do nothing. If you blam me or something, I really don't care, because I'm just trying to help you, so there's no need, if you do, I won't do nothing to harm you, but won't be able to help you too.

PizzaGod responds:

You know what... Check your damn friend list... "PAL"!


2014-02-11 20:47:43

Why do you hate me?

PizzaGod responds:

I don't, Its just that you pulled the Douche Nosel card =)


2014-02-11 20:54:17


PizzaGod responds:

You played the wrong card.


2014-02-12 01:03:31

Don't kill yourself, that's stupid. Like really fucking stupid.
You'd hurt all those around you too y'know.


2014-02-12 02:17:04

Gotta say this is the first time I'm saying this to anyone here on ng. But you're an idiot.

PizzaGod responds:

I think I hate your work, I no longer like all of your work..


2014-02-12 02:49:02

I think it's fine to complain.
In fact, my friends and I even compete for the most terrible lives :P

Pizzagod You're not an idiot,your just desperate (like me :P)
Try this :D


2014-02-12 09:49:24

Meh, you are only an attention whore, that's all

PizzaGod responds:

Want me to un-fan you? I thought you were my friend, Attention whore? Look at my fans and your fans.


2014-02-12 17:14:49

at least i'm not wandering around saying ''Fuckin shit, why I am not in this picture?!?!?''

PizzaGod responds:

Shut the fuck up.


2014-02-13 16:52:43

lol you should see my life

PizzaGod responds:

Idk right?