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What the fuck Sam?

2014-02-10 17:43:11 by PizzaGod

[PizzaGod] PizzaGod Rated 5 / 5 stars2 weeks ago

Why am I not in freaking anything? Huh? Am I just some retard?

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SileNt-Sam responds:

i usually draw famous characters :\


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2014-02-10 18:38:31

Artists chose what the want to draw you know. They wont always draw some user with bad animating skills. You call that garbage you make animations? Try this instead:

Of course I shouldn't talk down to you about your skills becuase I started with skills just like that.
I Didn't have a NG account then though. So I just kept practicing everyday and developed some devastating skills. (Hence the name devastator-357-MAG) I also used that name cause.........Well.....the fuckin' 357 is a badass gun. So just.....practice a bit ok?

PizzaGod responds:

First of all, Shut the fuck up about skills, Im praticing, Not trying to be mean.
its just that he said... Im sorry I just draw famous people... FAMOUS?


2014-02-10 19:06:59

So how could I be there if I'm infamous as shit? :P
What he means is that you should make a bigger reputation here, not because number of fans etc, but you should make more arts and movies (or everything else) to be more popular, you're a nice guy, but you could do more things here ;)
I hope you understand :)

PizzaGod responds:



2014-02-10 19:36:56

What 1999Elias said Is true. Also I was not trying to be a dick or anything in my last post. Maybe I didn't say exactly what I meant. I'm Sorry.

PizzaGod responds:

How about what I just said to Elias some seconds ago?


2014-02-11 07:36:27

Maybe you're not talking enough ;P
just sayin'

PizzaGod responds:

Looks like some faggot named Blood25 thinks im his Quote, "ARCH- ENEMAH" Even though I don't know the sick fuck.


2014-02-12 02:41:11

Awwwwwww.... :c
I'll make one for you during my next school holiday,i've planned it but I don't have time to color

PizzaGod responds:

Its alright