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I got hacked!

2015-02-16 16:08:14 by PizzaGod

Someone hacked my account to make that post, I changed my password so they cannot do it again, Sorry for the inconvenience, And to whoever hacked me, Why exactly?

I want to come out and say the truth here, I had this idea one day, Where I was like,

Lets troll, Cause thats what I do, I like to fuck with people, So long story short, The people who took this serious made me have a good time, Happy Valentines Day, NOW GO GET SOME FUCKING PUSSY.

Dude, That post where I was like whining about stuff or something and you wrote something like,

NYA HA HA made me laugh so fucking hard,


Hah, Juanford, You were the best of this, You'd love this post, THAT FUCKING ANIMATION THOUGH, I could not stop laughing, But in all of the actions this account has made people do, WERE, FUCKING,





2015-02-14 10:20:30 by PizzaGod

Happy Valentines Day


2015-01-24 16:20:45 by PizzaGod

Furries United 5 is being worked on, I'm thinking of adding a new character to the group.

I was thinking and...

2015-01-06 16:06:17 by PizzaGod

I will make a new account not for me, But for furries, It will be lended to a friend who knows how the Furry Universe works...

Also ("Hair Furrys" Don't get mixed up with my idea)

Im just kidding, Having a snipar new yar


2014-12-12 16:03:24 by PizzaGod

I'm lovin it ;)

*perverted ronald mcdonald face*

Happy Thanksgiving

2014-11-27 10:40:25 by PizzaGod

Pizza and Turkey for everyone!


2014-11-22 12:37:52 by PizzaGod

i am now a ice cube

Chaos Faction 2

2014-10-18 15:05:07 by PizzaGod

I'm gonna play it over again.


What do you think about that, guys?