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MarbleHornets Slender Sighting

2/2/14 by PizzaGod
Updated 2/2/14

4564958_139136001551_slendermansighting2014..bmpUpdate It's 2:42 PM, Heres a photo from Entry 76 of masky when He just had sex.

4564958_139137384982_wtfmasky.bmpMasky your fly is open.


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I think you can see that slenderman is KINDA fake.

2/3/14 PizzaGod responds:

You want bigger proof?



oh you must have a pretty badass girlfriend then

2/3/14 PizzaGod responds:


Tentacle rape is coming >:)

2/2/14 PizzaGod responds:

I don't want that, My girlfriend does.

Lol, someone wanted to make the most common Slender joke xD
Sincerely, without sound, Slender never scares.

2/2/14 (Updated 2/2/14) PizzaGod responds:

Elias, I saw it on video. MARBLE FUCKING HORNETS